Since 1939 is a natural product helping to purify the liver and the body, to improve digestion and eliminate impurities, toxins and secondary effects caused by medicine and food.




CALIHEPATTM - Bebida de San Antonio is a beverage made from vegetable extracts & vitamin C, which helps as:

PURIFIER - Improving kidney antitoxic and protective function (excellent for hangover).

EQUILIBRATOR - Balancing the substances required by our body.

CALIHEPATTM also helps:

LIVER - Especially indicated in fatty liver or early cirrhosis.

STONES / CALCULI - Dissolving hepatic calculi (stones), kidney or salivary duct stones. Once dissolved, stones do not originate back, since CALIHEPATTM  corrects the cause which originated thems.

BOWELS - Normalizing bowel function when suffering from constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, chronic acidity, etc...

INTOXICATIONS - Counteracting intoxications and alterations caused by chemical substances, food, bacteria, and secondary effects by medicine, improving tolerance to HIV and oncologic treatments.

SKIN - Contributes to make skin blotches after pregnancy disappear, as well as: psoriasis, vitiligo, rosacea, lupus erythematosus, eczema, etc...


Original formula by Vincenzo Calicchio
(Degree in Pharmacy) owner of the ex “Farmacia San Antonio”

Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina



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Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina


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